Sausage Cream Cheese Crescents

Sausage Cream Cheese Crescents: A Savory Symphony in Every Bite

Welcome to a recipe that’s sure to tune your taste buds to the melody of comfort and delight! Sausage Cream Cheese Crescents are not just a dish; they’re a culinary experience, blending the hearty notes of savory sausage with the creamy overtones of cheese, all wrapped in a tender crescent roll. This symphony of flavors is perfect for those who relish the harmony of simple ingredients coming together to create a masterpiece. Whether you’re orchestrating a brunch, planning a party, or just seeking to serenade your family with a delightful snack, these crescents are like little parcels of joy, easy to make and even easier to fall in love with. So, let’s put on our aprons and conduct a culinary orchestra that promises to deliver a standing ovation from your taste buds!


  1. 1 lb. Ground sausage (breakfast, Italian, or your preferred variety)
  2. 1 C. Shredded cheese (Choose your favorite – cheddar, mozzarella, perhaps?)
  3. 8 oz. Cream cheese (softened like a smooth jazz note)
  4. 2 Cans refrigerated crescent rolls (the canvas for our masterpiece)
  5. Pepper to taste (a dash of spice makes everything nice)


  1. Preheat the Oven: Set the stage at 375 degrees. A warm oven is like a warm welcome.
  2. Prepare the Crescents: Unroll the crescent rolls and gently cut each triangle in half lengthwise, like crafting delicate pastry ribbons.
  3. Cook the Sausage: In a pan, cook the ground sausage until it’s completely browned, sizzling with anticipation.
  4. Mix the Filling: Let the sausage cool down (like a diva after a performance). In a mixing bowl, blend the cooled sausage with cream cheese, shredded cheese, and a whisper of pepper. Stir until the mixture is as harmonious as a well-rehearsed choir.
  5. Assemble the Crescents: Spoon a small, loving ball of the sausage mixture onto the broad end of each crescent strip.
  6. Roll Them Up: Starting at the loaded end, roll the crescent dough over the filling, creating a mini stuffed crescent roll, like a cozy blanket tucking in the filling.
  7. Bake to Perfection: Place the crescents on a baking sheet and bake for about 15 minutes, or until they turn a golden brown, like the sunset.

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