For the tart base:

200 g speculoos cookies
80 g melted butter

For the filling:

200 g sugar
24 cl cream cheese
225 g peanut butter
40 cl fat-free sweetened condensed milk
4 tbsp chocolate syrup


Preparation of the pie crust:
First mix your cookies either in a food processor or in a food bag using a rolling pin to crush them.
Then put them in a bowl, add the melted butter on top and mix to get a dough.
Then pour your dough into a pie pan, pack with your fingers the bottom and edges of the pan…put in the fridge.

Preparation of the filling:
In a bowl mix the sugar, cheese and peanut butter with your food processor then whisk in the milk.
Then take your mould out of the fridge, pour the contents of the bowl over it and spread with a spatula.
Then put your pie in the fridge for 8 hours – overnight.
Finally, when serving, drizzle with the chocolate syrup.

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