cream and orange cheesecake, a delicious no-bake cake for your dessert.
this is how to make cream and orange cheesecake.


350 g of vanilla cookies
300 g of sugar
4 tsp butter, melted


40 cl softened cream cheese
60 g icing sugar
40 cl heavy cream
5 cl orange juice
10g gelatin or 4 gelatin sheets
Zest 1 Orange
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract


First put the gelatin in a bowl, pour the orange juice on top and set aside.
Then put the cookies in the bowl of your blender and blend them.
Then add 100 g of sugar with the butter on top and continue to mix, then pour and press your dough into a round tart mold and put in the freezer for 30 minutes.
Pour the cream cheese into a bowl, add the 200 g of sugar and beat using an electric mixer, then mix the gelatin with the orange juice.

Then beat the cream with the icing sugar and vanilla in another bowl using the mixer and divide your mixture between two large bowls.
Add the gelatin and orange zest to one of the two bowls and mix still using the mixer, as for the second bowl add it to the bowl and mix with the spatula.
Take your mold out of the freezer then spread a layer of the cream from the bowl on top followed by another layer of the orange cream – that of the bowl.

Then spread another layer of the cream on top after spreading the rest of the orange cream on top and smooth the surface with a knife or spatula.
Put your mold in the refrigerator for at least 8 hours then unmold your cake, keep some of the cream from the salad bowl, put it in a pastry bag then place it in the fridge for later.
Finally unmold your cake, decorate it with hazelnuts of the cream in a pastry bag with orange slices.