How to clean the oven door (between the panes) effectively?

Clean the oven door

The oven door is often neglected when cleaning the oven. We have picked out the best tips for you on how to get a clear view of the oven door again. And all this without having to remove the door.

The most important tip is to clean the door regularly. Dirt, no matter where it is, is best removed immediately. In the case of dried-on or burnt-in dirt, you will then have to resort to stronger means. For all methods, if you let the oven run for a few minutes, the dirt will be easier to remove.

Cleaning the oven door with dishwasher tablets

Dishwasher tabs are true all-rounders. You’re guaranteed to have this home remedy at home already, and it works wonders. Dissolve the dishwashing tab in hot water and use the solution to clean the window. Let the DIY dishwashing liquid soak in for a few minutes for more stubborn stains.

Scouring milk against stubborn dirt.

Scouring milk is often used in the kitchen or bathroom for stubborn stains. To use it, simply apply a little scouring milk or scouring powder to the stain. Then rub the cleaning agent into the stain with a sponge or cloth. After that, the stain is a thing of the past. By the way, this tip does not only work for ovens.

Baking powder as a home remedy

This well-known household remedy also helps to get the oven window clean again. To do this, simply mix baking soda or baking powder in a 1:1 ratio, spread the mixture and let it take effect. After 30 minutes, remove the remains with a rag. You can find more home remedies that you can use to clean the oven here. You can also use soda to get the glass clean again. You can easily remove the burnt food residues with it, because the salt content decomposes the fat.

Shaving foam for the oven door

It also works similarly easy with shaving foam. Spray the oven window, leave it on for half an hour and rinse with clean water. This trick removes dirt in no time. To get rid of the smell, turn on the empty oven for a few minutes.

Deep cleaning of the oven window

Are the windows still a bit cloudy? An oven door usually consists of three to four glass panes, so you don’t burn your fingers on the door. These panes should also be cleaned regularly. The individual panes can be disassembled and removed. Be careful and seek help. If you are already cleaning the interior glazing, it is also worth cleaning the exposed gaps. Here, too, dirt often accumulates unnoticed.