Epic beef nachos supreme recipe


200 g nachos chips
200 g canned jalapeño peppers
50 g vegan cheese, such as cashew cheese with garlic and spicy herbs, optional
1 serving of unsweetened chili
1 serving guacamole (store-bought)
1 serving salsa (store-bought)
Handful of fresh coriander leaves

Soon after our first chili came our first nachos. We’re big fans of chili, but it’s just not realistic to eat the whole pan at once, so these nachos were a great way for us to realize the leftovers. This dish is a win-win for a movie-watching party, capable of satisfying a crowd of onlookers. Feel free to adjust the amounts and experiment with soy cream, coconut yogurt, fresh chili peppers or refried beans.

Oven temperature is 200 °C | Large ovenproof dish (approximately 30 × 23 × 4 cm)

Sprinkle the chips into the ovenproof dish so that they evenly cover the bottom | Slice the jalapeño peppers into rings and spread them over the chips | Crumble the cheese if using | Cover the chips with a serving of unbeatable chilli.
Put the dish in the oven and bake until the chips start to brown and the chili is fully warmed (about 10-15 minutes) | Take the dish out of the oven.
Spoon the guacamole and salsa over the chiles in random order | Chop the cilantro leaves and sprinkle over the nachos.

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