Devil’s chocolate cake with strawberries

An easy-to-make but unimaginably tender and delicious cake that both children and adults will appreciate. At the heart of chocolate cakes on quality cocoa powder with the addition of coffee for a noble flavor, as a base I took – aa. The cream I made with a cream cheese base, to which I added cream and butter for a lighter consistency, for a more consistent and smooth cream which is easy to cover the cake. I made the cake for my daughter’s birthday, she ordered a chocolate cake with strawberries. So my husband had to look for strawberries, it’s a good thing that it’s May and not January)) We coped with our task – the child was satisfied! P. S. No chocolate in the recipe, despite its presence in the photo with the ingredients.


250 g flour
250 g sugar
150 ml of kefir or yogurt
100 g vegetable oil
50 g cocoa powder
2 eggs
1 tsp. vanilla sugar
1 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. baking soda
0.5 tsp. salt
200 ml of hot coffee (3 tsp. coffee + boiling water)
300g cream cheese
200 g cream of 33%
100 g butter
100 g powdered sugar
10 g vanilla sugar
For the topping:
Any berries to taste (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries)

How to make the “devil” chocolate cake with strawberries

Prepare the cake. Flour, cocoa, baking powder, baking soda, salt put in a container in which you will knead the dough. Stir. The cocoa must be of very good quality; it is very important(!), cocoa is the basis of the taste of the cake.
Prepare the cake. Flour, cocoa,

In another container, mix together the kefir, eggs, sugar, vanilla sugar, and vegetable oil. Pour the liquid mixture into the dry mixture, and mix until you get a thick batter.
In another container, mix the kefir,

In a cup, brew some strong coffee. I used regular instant coffee, which I filled with boiling water. You can’t taste the coffee in the cake, but in my opinion, the coffee definitely gives the cakes a noble touch. If for some reason you do not want to add coffee, take just boiling water. Immediately pour the hot coffee into a container to the dough, and mix well, the dough from thick will become almost liquid, this is normal.
In a cup brew strong coffee.

Pour the batter into the mold. For baking, I used a ring adjusted to 18 cm, which I wrapped tightly with baking paper and foil underneath. Place in a preheated 180 degree oven, bake for 25-50 minutes, or until “dry skewer” in the center. Finished cake to cool completely.
Pour the batter into a mold. For

Prepare the cream. Add powdered sugar and vanilla sugar to the soft butter. Beat thoroughly until the mass becomes significantly lighter and larger.
Make the cream. To the soft cream.

Add cream cheese in batches, beating constantly.
Add cream cheese in batches,

Thoroughly whip the cream until considerably thick in a separate container. Add the cream cheese and butter in batches, whisking until thoroughly thick.
Thoroughly whip the cream until soft and fluffy.

The cream is ready.
The cream is ready.

Assemble the cake. Cut the top dome of the cake, cut it into pieces, you will need it for sprinkling. Cut the cake itself into three layers.
assemble the cake. Cut the cake off the top and spread out the mixture.

Lay out the first cake, spread about a quarter of the cream.
Spread out the first cake,

spread about a quarter of the cream on the second cake and spread about a quarter of the cream on the third cake.
Then second cake, part of the cream.

Side view.
Side view.

Cover the sides with the remaining quarter of the cream. Sprinkle the sides with crumble, pressing it well with your hand on the cake. Leave the cake to soak for a few hours.
Spread the rest of the cream on the cake.

Top with any berries you like. If you don’t have any berries, you can slice oranges, bananas, kiwi fruit or anything else you like that is on sale all year round.
On top lay out any berries you like.

You can make a holiday variant.
The festive variant.

The cut of a cake.
Cake cut.

“Devil” chocolate cake with strawberries turns out very tasty, soft and tender!