Creamy Tuscan Pasta Salad


200 g of torsades or other semi-whole or wholemeal pasta
180 g white ham, preferably nitrite-free
180 g or 1 can (212 ml) of sweet corn kernels
1 firm tomato, about 150 g to 200 g
1/2 green, yellow or red bell pepper or about 100 g
80 g of goat cheese, Comté or Gouda cheese
1 stalk of celery or 60 g
For the sauce:
160 ml of beaten white cheese at 6% M.F.
1.5 tbsp. or tablespoons of Dijon mustard
5 tbsp. or tablespoons chopped chives or 1 small bunch
2 tbsp. or tablespoons of pasta cooking water


Heat water to cook the pasta. Add the pasta and 1/2 tablespoon of coarse salt and cook according to package directions less 1 minute (al dente). When the pasta is cooked, remove 2 tablespoons of the cooking water and drain it under cold water, leaving it in the colander until it is cool. Let drain.
While the pasta is cooking, wash the bell pepper, celery stalk and tomato. Peel the bell pepper and dice half of it. Slice the celery stalk lengthwise into small pieces. Cut the tomato into large slices and then into cubes of the same size as the bell pepper. Remove the seeds.
Drain and rinse the corn.
Cut the cheese into cubes and the ham into pieces the same size as the cheese.
In a bowl, mix the cottage cheese with the pasta cooking water, mustard and chives.
In a large bowl put all the ingredients: pasta, bell pepper, ham, celery, diced cheese, corn and sauce. Mix everything together and cover.
Chill until ready to serve.


  • For a 295 g plate
  • Calories 406 kcal
  • Protein 25,9 g
  • Carbohydrates 46.4 g
  • Fat 11.4 g
  • Salt 1,8 g
  • Fiber 6.5 g