beef carrot potato stew

For 6 people:

1,5kg of beef (for bourguignon)
1 onion
4 carrots
2,5kg of Charlotte potatoes (at home I have patators, they love it so I put the dose mdrrrrrrr)
4 tablespoons of flour
a small can of tomato paste
a bouquet garni
salt, pepper, paprika, sweet pepper
1,5 liter of beef broth

How to make it

If your pieces of meat are too big, don’t hesitate to cut them up (in pieces of 2x2cm for example).

Put a little olive oil and butter in the bottom of your pan and put the meat to brown for a few minutes. It must color a little.

In the meantime, chop the onion, peel the carrots and cut them into slices.

Once the pieces of meat are lightly colored, set them aside with their cooking juices.

Add a little olive oil and butter to the pan and melt the sliced onion, then add the carrots and sweat them for a few minutes, stirring.

Return the meat and its juice to the pan. Sprinkle with flour and stir again to incorporate the flour into the ingredients.

Add salt (I use fleur de sel), pepper, broth, tomato paste and bouquet garni (bay leaf and thyme). Depending on your taste, you can add paprika and sweet pepper to spice up the dish.

Stir, bring everything to a boil, then lower the heat, cover and simmer for at least 1.5 hours.

Take the opportunity to peel your potatoes, cut them into large pieces and set them aside in cold water.

If you have the opportunity to pass by your pot during the cooking time, it is not forbidden to stir your stew in the process.

After an hour and a half, it’s time to add the potatoes to your stew. If necessary, don’t hesitate to add a little more water because the potatoes must be covered with liquid to cook properly.

Stir and cook again for at least 40 minutes so that your potatoes are melting. And, as I always say, taste your dish and adjust the seasoning if necessary.

Now all you have to do is enjoy.